Sergio Mora-Diaz


#interactive   #space   #installation

September-December 2014
A project by Sergio Mora-Díaz, Jordan Backhus, Oryan Inbar
Developed using Processing and Kinect Sensor

VOID is an interactive sensory art installation created by Jordan Backhus, Sergio Mora-Diaz, and Oryan Inbar, that manipulates light in physical space to provide an immersive multi-user experience on a large scale. Technology and mathematics become the poetic tools, outside of their functional utility, to generate an immersive interaction arena and a meditative, transcendent user experience which reminiscent of the cosmic sky and also streams of information.

The installation is made of an arrangement of translucent screens, computer generated images via Processing, and multiple Kinect sensors to respond directly and visually to the proximities and movements of its users.