Sergio Mora-Diaz

Void Live Performance

#interactive   #space   #performance

May 2015
Frieze Art Week, Livestream Public HQ, New York
Commissioned for Performa.

Curator: Roya Sachs
Installation: Sergio Mora-Diaz, Jordan Backhus, Oryan Inbar
Choreography: Troy Schumacher
New York City Ballet Dancers: Sean Suozzi and Claire Kretzschmar
Music: Richard Reed Parry

Installation developed Using Processing and Kinect

“Void: A One Night Only Performance” curated by Roya Sachs combines dance and projection to explore romance in the digital age. Sergio Mora-Diaz , Jordan Backhus and Oryan Inbar created a fully immersive light installation which reminiscent of the night sky and also streams of information. The installation created a back-lit environment casting silhouettes of The New York City Ballet dancers Sean Suozzi and Claire Kretzschmar. Troy Schumacher’s choreography focused on various means of connection or disconnection between the dancers, staging a contemporay view of courtship. “Void” was presented by Performa Visionaries at Livestream Public HQ.

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