Sergio Mora-Diaz

Above that Skin of Ours

#audiovisual   #installation

April-May 2015
A project by Sergio Mora-Diaz, Natalia Cabrera

Above that Skin of Ours is a 3d projection-mapped installation created as a self-portrait of its authors, Sergio Mora-Diaz and Natalia Cabrera.

The piece combines physical and digital layers in order to study human skin and its different sizes, colors and shapes.
The first layer is a polygon mesh sculpture portraying the authors’ heads, designed with 3d computer graphics and built in real life using laser cut paper shapes. The second layer is a movie displaying different elements and details of our faces, projected over the 3d sculpture to change its behavior and meaning, creating a visual experience that changes over time.

The 3D models were developed using a DSLR camera and the softwares Agisoft Photoscan, Autodesk Meshmixer and Rhinoceros. The video content was captured using a Canon 5D DSLR Camera and projected using the software Isadora.